Inductions are ongoing!

All BOU prospective students who are still in the process of registering for Semester 1 2019 are informed that registration period has been extended up to the 16th August 2019. Please note that as a result of this extension, the Delivery Schedule has also.


Tutorial 1 will be conducted on the 10-11th August 2019

Tutorial 2 will be conducted on the 31-01st September 2019

Tutorial 3 will be conducted on the 11-12th October 2019

Assignment Submission Dates will be as follow:

Assignment 1 Due Date: 23rd August 2019

Assignment 2 Due Date: 13th September 2019

Assignment 3 Due Date: 27th September 2019

Assignment 4 Due Date: 04th October 2019

The DEML and CCBWY Delivery Schedules have not been affected by the changes, therefore use them as they are on the website.

Inductions for New Students will be conducted on the 3rd- 4th August 2019 at the Regional Campuses. For more information about this, contact your nearest Regional Campus.

Remember that in order to access your materials for the Semester, visit the following address:

For more information about this revisit the Student Notification on How to access your Study Materials on the website

NB: Please note that the only courses you will be able to download are those that you have registered and paid for, for the Semester.

Furthermore, note that after registering it may take a day or two days for you to be able to access the material on the portal as the activation is done back office.

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