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This Master of Science programme in Climate Change and Sustainable Development (MSc. CCSD), aims to equip students with skills in climate change and sustainable development and multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary research, policy and practice necessary to produce a well-rounded, innovative and globally competitive graduate. This programme has been designed to contribute to global commitment to implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs) which are a universal call for action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure peace and prosperity for all. The programme speaks particularly to SDG 13, which focuses on climate change and sustainable development which are closely interlinked fields of study. Students of this programme are provided with knowledge and skills to analyse how the various aspects of Climate change are impacting the natural and anthropogenic conditions that serve as bases for economic and social development. The focus of this is on how developmental activities influence the threats of climate change and the vulnerability of societies to it. The programme is intended to build capacity of its graduates to facilitate effective national, regional and global resilience to the impacts of climate change and development of low-carbon development pathways that sustainably address climate change challenges. The programme addresses several other needs, including the need for capacity and skills to teach, research, disseminate information; advocacy on climate change; need for skilled managers and planners/ policy makers and practitioners on related issues such as food security, natural resources management, and environmental issues such as pollution, access to clean water and productive land. This Master of Science degree addresses multiple dimensions, opening growth opportunities in, but by no means limited to: International policy frameworks on climate change; urban climate change governance; adaptation and mitigation choices and pathways; linkages between climate change mitigation and development; carbon trade, markets and development; climate change and poverty reduction, trade-offs and synergies; local responses to extreme events and disasters.


Title of the Course


First Year (Semester I)

SCS 911

Key Concepts of Climate Change and Sustainable Development


STR 911

Transdisciplinary Thinking and Research Skills


SRP 900

Research Proposal



Total Credits


First Year  (Semester II)

SMA 912

Mitigation and Adaptation in Theory and Practice


SAF 912

Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change



Total Credits


Second Year (Semester I)

SES 921

Climate Change and Ecosystems Services


SCD 921

Climate Change, Urban and Rural Development


SSJ 921

Climate Change and Social Justice



Total Credits


Second Year (Semester II)

SRD 901

SPR 902

Research Dissertation    or

Practicum (Attachment) & Report






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